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E-commerce Automation Solutions

Our company specializes in providing comprehensive e-commerce solutions, offering a wide array of services and tools to empower businesses in the digital marketplace. We offer customizable e-commerce platforms, cutting-edge payment processing, seamless logistics and shipping solutions, data-driven digital marketing strategies, robust inventory management systems, responsive customer support, and advanced analytics. Our commitment to online security and fraud prevention ensures a safe shopping environment for both businesses and customers. With a focus on mobile commerce and global reach, we enable businesses to thrive in the digital age by expanding their online presence and connecting them with a worldwide customer base. At DevAxon, we’re dedicated to helping businesses succeed in the fast-paced world of e-commerce.

Right Plan for Your Business

Our team of experts tailors solutions to address your specific business challenges and goals.

Basic Plan

Ideal for New or Small E-commerce Businesses
499 $ 399.2
Basic automation setup, including inventory management and order processing. Integration with up to two platforms (e.g., e-commerce platform and payment gateway).
Unlimited Domains
Monthly analytics reports.
Email support.
Limited hours of support and consultation per month (e.g., 10 hours).
Save 20%

Enterprise Plan

Designed for Large E-commerce Operations
Comprehensive automation solutions covering all aspects of e-commerce operations.
Custom integrations with an unlimited number of platforms.
Weekly detailed analytics, insights, and optimization strategies.
24/7 priority support and a dedicated account manager.
Extensive dedicated service hours per month (e.g., 40 hours).
Custom development for unique automation needs.
Save 20%

Growth Plan

Suitable for Growing Businesses with Increasing Automation Needs
999 $ 799.2
Advanced automation setup, including CRM, marketing automation, and payment processing.
Integration with multiple platforms (e-commerce, CRM, email marketing tools, etc.).
Bi-weekly analytics and performance optimization reports.
Email and chat support.
More dedicated service hours per month (e.g., 20 hours).
Regular strategy and optimization consultations.
Save 20%

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