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Remarketing campaign is not working- What are the most common reasons?

Remarketing is an effective way to draw visitors to your website. It enables you to reclaim potential conversions and DevPumas visitors who have thought of purchasing your products. It is true that around 2% of users convert instantly during their first visit. However, some marketers have claimed that their remarketing campaign is not working. What is the reason behind their failure in remarketing effort? We have made a list of reasons that prevent the success of your remarketing program.

Remarketing campaign is not working: Reasons

Campaign setup problems

You can start your remarketing activities after identifying your audience source. You can create Google Ads tags. Detect the data source and implement a Global site tag on every website page. Installing the tag is highly important, and you must not overlook this step. You can never do remarketing without it.

No proper structure for your ad groups

While generating ad groups, you have to create a structure based on the target audience. A single ad group should not include several audiences. The combination of different types of audiences will make it challenging to identify the best-performing audience group.

Audiences for ad groups should not be separate from each other.

No use of customer lists

Several marketers make the mistake of overlooking customer lists. These lists include emails from current customers. You can find the best upselling opportunities from these lists. There are several ways to deal with those audiences.

  • Content downloads– Some mid-funnel audiences can download your free e-book and other types of digital content.
  • Newsletter signups– Audiences who have signed up for email newsletters have a slightly higher position in your conversion funnel.
  • Past buyers– There is a list of those visitors who have already converted and purchased goods from your company.
  • Churned remarketing– Some users who have chosen your free trials may become your target for remarketing campaigns. You have gathered their contact details and have gained a concept of their interest. Thus, you can easily target them in your remarketing program. 

Shopping cart abandoners not targeted

Those who have already reached the shopping cart page of your site can become your target during the remarketing campaign. Although they have not purchased anything, your remarketing program will enable you to persuade them easily.

Shopping cart abandonment does not always indicate that visitors have lost their interest. There may be some other reasons behind it. Some consumers leave the cart because they like to compare product prices before making a deal. These shoppers know how the eCommerce system works. That is why they do everything to make the most affordable deal.

One thing to be noted is that every visitor is important. Some website visitors take much time to review product features and make a transaction.

No focus on the lookalike audiences

Your custom audiences should have similarities. You need to pay attention to these audiences while creating Facebook and Google ads for remarketing purposes.

For instance, in the case of Google ads’ remarketing audiences, Google develops similar audiences automatically. Similarly, Facebook lets you build your custom audiences and identify similarities.

Similar audiences ensure better performance when compared to remarketing audiences. Your current customers can become the source of similar audiences. By investing a minimal amount, you will find amazing results. 

Repeat shoppers- Not targeted properly

It is another common mistake of remarketing professionals. You may have developed a loyal customer base with your services and products. You have found repeat shopping activities of some customers. 

Also, you can efficiently remarket your products to these shoppers as they have already bought some items from you.

Converted audiences- Not included

While dealing with Google Ads conversions, Google will develop an audience, known as All Converters. Some marketers think they should remove the converted audiences to increase their RO. However, in some cases, conversions can be of different types. For instance, you are a SaaS software developer. You may have already convinced audiences to download eBooks. But, your ultimate goal is to persuade them to make free trials. You must not stop your remarketing effort until they have signed up for the free trial.

Not maintaining the right frequency

Your audiences will not feel good when they come across a particular display ad several times. You have created remarketing ads with the assumption that the audience is interested in your services and products. Still, there should be a limit on the number of times to display the ad. Your ads must not make your potential customers feel annoyed.

Go to the Settings of the remarketing program. You will find an option- Frequency Capping. The limit should be set to 10. It will enable you to control how frequently your ad will be visible to the audience. 

No A/B testing for your ad variants

A/B testing is highly important for remarketing advertisements. You can do it in different ways. You should not focus on multiple variables in a single test.

Furthermore, you can test a range of offers. You may use similar website landing pages and creative assets for evaluating the offers. It is also essential to test formats, font styles, colors, and images used for the advertisements. For instance, you may reduce the CPA by altering the ad color.

You have created a boring ad

Use an ad copy with images that attract attention. The image may be related to your product, brand details, and some other things. Moreover, the CTA should be clickable and easily visible to your audience. Your attention to these factors will give you the best result. 

These are some ways to identify the best aspects of your ads.

We have made a list of reasons why the remarketing campaign is not working. The smartest step for your remarketing campaign is to use an automated software application. Several marketers have chosen this software to streamline their remarketing activities. The patented software is available at a reasonable price.

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