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Our web scraping services include:

  • Web scraping setup and customization: We can help you set up and configure web scraping tool we made for you on your laptop/machine or deploy it to cloud.
  • Data extraction and fromatting: bot/Tool we make for you, will extract data from the desire platform, collect the data and format it according to your requirements.
  • Data visualization and analysis: For the visualization for the data, we can create a separate dashboard for it with CRUD operations for easy transitions and to perform specific analysis accroding to your requirements.
  • Data integration and storage: We can integrate web data with your existing data sources and store it in a secure repository such as your database.

Right Plan for Your Business

DevPumas provides web Scraping services for companies that are ready to grow. We are interested in scaling and growing your business as we are much more than just a web application development company.

Basic Plan

Ideal for Small Businesses or One-Time Projects
200 $ 160
Simple data scraping from a limited number of websites/pages.
Data provided in a basic format like CSV or Excel.
Limited volume of data extraction (e.g., up to 5,000 records per month).
Email support for queries.
24/7 Support
Save 20%

Enterprise Plan

Designed for Large-Scale, Ongoing Scraping Needs:
Comprehensive web scraping services, including complex sites, with continuous data updates.
High-volume data extraction (e.g., over 100,000 records per month).
Advanced data processing and analysis, including integration with client databases or systems.
24/7 dedicated support.
Custom data delivery and integration solutions.
Save 20%

Professional Plan

Suitable for Medium-Sized Projects and Businesses
500 $ 400
Advanced scraping from multiple websites, including dynamic and JavaScript-heavy sites.
Data cleaning and basic analysis services.
Higher volume of data extraction (e.g., up to 100,000 records per month).
Email and chat support.
Data provided in multiple formats (CSV, Excel, JSON, etc.).
Save 20%

Add-On Services

  • Additional services such as real-time scraping, advanced data analytics, API access, or custom development for data extraction scripts.
  • Priced separately depending on the complexity and requirements.

Key Features of the Subscription Plans

  • Scalability: Offer the ability to scale services according to the size and frequency of data scraping needs.
  • Data Quality Assurance: Ensure high accuracy and quality of the scraped data.
  • Customizable Frequency: Allow clients to choose the frequency of scraping – one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Compliance and Ethics: Adhere to legal and ethical standards in web scraping, ensuring compliance with data protection laws and website terms of use.

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